Tool Review: Water Jetta Raptor 5000

We take our plumbing seriously, that’s why we choose to invest in quality plumbing equipment that will  get the job done quickly and efficiently.

To unblock drains we choose to use the Water Jetta Raptor 5000 which has the following features:

  1.  Honda Gx690 Twin V engine, providing reliability, performance and power – true to the Honda reputation.
  2. Strong water pressure of 5000 psi that will cut through roots, debris and waste.
  3. Bertollini Triple X brass, high pressure pump providing water flow of 24 litres per minute, supported by high quality Italian engineering.
  4. A hot dipped galvonized body that wont rust over time.
Water Jetta: Raptor 5000
Water Jetta: Raptor 5000

To own a water jetta of your own, we recommend The Jetters Edge who supplied us with this quality water jetta to tackle those blockages quickly and efficiently and ensure happy customers!